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Working at Apptus

Apptus has always been a creative melting pot for researchers, innovators and business-driven enthusiasts. We are proud to say that we are a knowledge-driven organisation with primary competitive advantages; innovation and competence.

At Apptus you'll find a dedicated group with unique and very specialised skills in our field. Our mission is to deliver the best solutions that match every customer’s need.

We aim to develop people by giving them the opportunity to develop themselves by surrounding them with stunning colleagues and exciting challenges. We work in a very creative environment where ideas are realised quickly. That's why we need people who are ambitious, quick to understand priorities and follow their intuition. The majority of our employees have higher academic degrees, but personal attributes such as good faith, whole-heartedness and maturity are just as essential to us.

Also - we have fun and we laugh a lot!

At Apptus we always seek the best talents to build on our success story. To the right people, we offer interesting challenges and great opportunities for personal development and influence. Could that be you?

All our positions are based mainly in Lund (HQ), but some might be in Münich or London.

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Are you a student?

Our success is closely linked to recruiting well educated students – and we want to attract the best talent. To do this, we are creating close relationships with students through thesis work and trainee programs as well as through involvement with schools and universities.

At Apptus we are always looking for the right people and applications for thesis work are welcome. If you feel that you are well suited for thesis work within our line of business, please send an application to: student@apptus.com. Your application should include a CV, a short description of yourself and the kind of thesis work that you are interested in. Please enclose an extract from Ladok with your courses and grades

General information about thesis work at Apptus

  • The thesis work should be a concluding part of your academic studies

  • You must have an appointed main examiner at your institution

  • You should have an instructor/contact person at your institution and at Apptus

  • The thesis work cannot start until it’s approved by your examiner

  • The thesis work is concluded with a written report which is presented orally at Apptus

  • Our requirements for confidentiality might affect the content and presentation of your thesis work. This should be settled early in the thesis process

  • You will probably be asked to sign a confidentiality statement

  • The economic compensation will be decided before the thesis work starts and will be paid when the thesis work is finished

  • It’s recommended that you perform the thesis work on Apptus’ premises.

Things important to us

At Apptus we believe in value. We value our customers, we value our product but most of all, we value the people who work here. We've chosen to call them Apptusians. A special breed that thrives on knowledge, intelligence and curiosity. They grow every day because they are allowed to be innovative and speak their mind. In return they see an ever developing product and are proud to be a part of it.

We are passionate about our work which means that we always strive to develop ourselves and our product. Apptus eSales is not only an extremly intelligent computerised product driven by Artificial Intelligence, it also has a human heart shaped by its developers!

Why become an Apptusian?

Working at Apptus means being allowed to be creative and curious. Innovation is one of the keywords...Fredagsfika is another. And yes, we do it EVERY Friday! As an employee at Apptus you receive a number of benefits apart from that one and of course; all the coffee you can drink.

  • Great Medical Insurance

    Accidents and illness happen to all of us. With Apptus' Medical Insurance you get the best possible care in an instant!

  • Good Pension Plan

    Getting older is no longer an issue. We have a great plan and an external expert to handle our individual pension planning.

  • Wellness Subsidies

    We want you to feel good and we contribute to it. Healthy Apptusians are happy Apptusians.

  • Fruit baskets

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away! We also have bananas, pears, grapes and oranges in those delicious baskets.

Trollebergsvägen 5
22229 Lund Directions info@apptus.com +46 46 270 41 00


16 Upper Woburn Place
WC1H 0BS London Directions sales@apptus.com +44 203 741 8023


Adams-Lehmann-Str. 44
80797 München Directions germany@apptus.se +49 89 381 5364 34

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